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  • A really great experience
    Nyoman, our guide and owner of the company, is really great. I have read most of the reviews here...


This was the best part of my trip to Bali - we went on a walking tour as my 8 y/old son is unsteady on a bike at the best of times. We walked through rice fields, little villages and gorgeous scenery for 3 hours. We drank coconut water straight from the fruit chopped down from the tree by a wonderful farmer. Nyoman's english is outstanding, I never had any trouble understanding him and we chatted for hours about the differences between our two cultures. I would highly recommend Jegeg to anyone travelling to Ubud.
Twaz nice. Fun and enjoyable!!! Great price, good coffee tasting, amazing view at the breakfast and lovely breakfast, then a crazy fun ride through Bali. Thanks!

Definitely worth its while if your staying near Ubud.
We chose Jegeg due to the reviews he had received on trip advisor. What a fantastic experience we had. A small group, much smaller than some of the others we saw when out on the road provided a very passionate and personal account of this wonderful country. As a keen traveller, I don't think I have ever learned as much about the culture, people, religious ceremonies etc as were provided on our tour.

I thought the bike ride etc could not be topped until we were invited into Nyoman's family (extended) home and provided with the best meal we had in our ten days in Bali (including award winning restaurants). What a fantastic day!
The equipment was good, including baby seat and helmets. The safety considerations were excellent for the cycling - at every junction the back up vehicles were there to stop traffic (and help push the kid's bikes up the only 2 hills there were!). We got to help with the rice harvesting process, learnt about coffee/chocolate plantations, had an insight into Hindu festivals and one of the highlights was eating a lovely Balinese meal in Nyoman's family home and seeing his way of life. The best way to see 'off the road' Bali, understand the culture and have fun.
The most charming staff welcome you for your tour and guide through a value packed day, start off with free tea, coffee, Ginger tea in a small backwater plantation. Revel at "cat poo" coffee, then off for a breakfast with a view to savour over looking mount Batur and adjoining lake. After a hearty Balinese fry up we're off to the bikes, you can leave any additional luggage with the driver who is only a few corners behind and then off downhill through tiny villages and past endless ricefields. We stopped for a bit to learn about the all important rice production and it's part in the community which is essential to their culture. At every difficult section we are treated to ice cold water and banana which is a welcome relief in blistering heat. Finally after some final gentle hills we're off to the guides family compound team spirit and smiles all round for a meal to savour. The guides Sister in law has counjoured a feast of dishes which everyone takes two full plates of, one guest remarking that it's the best she's ever had in 16 visits to Bali, praise indeed. So in summary, if you want to see the real Bali and learn a lot, while taking sone excecise then this is the trip for you, and these guys are the people to do it with, small well run family buissness without the need for T-shirts and marketing crap...
My husband (62 years), myself (59) and our 21 year old son had a fabulous day on this trip. The biking is mostly downhill and easy. There were a couple of rough road spots but Nyoman, our guide, was super attentive and made sure we slowed down for the rough bits. Nyoman is a wonderful guide- he's very easy going, informative and friendly yet safety conscious. It was great to be in a small group- we passed other cycle tours with 15 people all bunched up and waiting for the stragglers while we cruised on by. The scenery is awesome, the bikes are in good shape for Bali and Nyoman patiently ensured that our helmets fit properly.
The amazing lunch at his family home was relaxed with lots of vegetarian dishes (chicken too)- all you could eat. This family run tour was one of the highlights of our Bali trip. Terimah kasi (thank you) Nyoman.
Since arriving home in December we haven't stopped raving about the cycling tour we did with Jegeg Bali Cycling Tours. We spent 2 weeks exploring Bali and Gili's and without question the cycling tour was our greatest highlight. Our guide and owner of Jegeg, Nyoman was a true gentleman in every way and through his humour, insightful and interesting knowledge of his country and the rich Balinese culture he ensured our experience went beyond any expectations we could have had. We began our private afternoon tour in Ubud before being driven in a new a/c car by Nyoman and his brother to a spectacular place with stunning garden and rice field views. We then met another vehicle with the bikes and began our cycling tour. Nyoman allowed us to stop at anytime to observe the scenery, animals or to ask questions. It was just amazing to be cycling through the beautiful villages and having the local women and men smile and wave, and the children excitedly screamed out "hello's!" The scenery continuously changed throughout our journey. After the ride we were welcomed into Nyoman's traditional and beautiful family home. We learnt so much about the cultural traditions of Bali, the rice fields and much, much more from simply spending a relaxing afternoon with Jegeg Cycling tours. I recommend this tour to everyone! The ride is mostly downhill with a few hills but after each little hill we were greeted with a ice cold towel and drink! We look forward to doing the morning tour on our return to Bali next year! It is best to book through Nyoman directly by visiting his website as he was able to accommodate to our itinerary allowing us to go rafting in the morning and still spend a solid 5+ hours with Nyoman.

Thank you Nyoman!!
We were a group of 7, 4 adults and 3 boys aged 11-15, and all had a great time. Nyoman (the tour guide) speaks excellent English and was more than happy to answer all our questions about 'what is it really like to live in Bali'. Nyoman picked us up from Ubud at 8.30am and while on the drive up to the cycling start point we stopped at Mt Batur (amazing views) and also at a coffee plantation (you get to sample some great coffee). The cycling part of the tour takes about 3 hours but this includes lots of stops along the way, for example, Nyoman explains a lot about how the rice paddies are cultivated and we also stop at a family 'compound' where you get to 'help' in the making of some offerings. This part of the tour is very special as you are truly visiting inside someone's home. The cycling is 90% downhill (or flat) but the 10% uphill is definitely uphill !! I did resort to walking my bike on these tough parts (and there was no shame!). Another fantastic part of the cycling are the kids who seem to hear the bikes coming and all run out to say hello. Finally you end up at Nyoman's family compound for an amazing lunch (this was around 3pm) and we got back to Ubud by 4.30pm.
Well organised, courteous and knowledgeable tour leader, scenic and interesting route followed by a traditional Balinese lunch at Nyoman the tour leader's family compound. A great day out, and you are exposed to a lot of the beautiful countryside, that the bar and beach crowd at Kuta will never see.

We cycled about 25K, of which about 20K was downhill, very easy cycling. A seven year old could do it, but 12 would probably be a minimum age as you need some traffic sense, even on the back roads. Most of the tours follow a similar route - you are driven up to the mountains and dropped near Kintamani, then cycle back from there to Ubud. We departed from Ubud at 9am and arrived back at Ubud at about 3pm.
We did a cycling tour with Nyoman two times during our trip in Indonesia. It was really excellent! We started the day at mount Batur for breakfast. After that we visited a coffee plantation and learnt about all the things that grow here. Then the cylcing started. We saw amazing landscapes, a lot of beautiful ricepaddies and met al lot of very friendly local people. We also went to a local school and spoke to the children there. Nyoman explained everything really well and was the best guide we could wish for. At the end of the trip we got the best lunch ever at his own family compound, so we could met his family as well. Because we liked the first tour so much, we did another cycling tour with Nyoman at the last day of our trip. Same quality and we saw many other nice things!
So a really good recommendation from the Dutch girls!!
This was by far the best thing we did while in Bali. I am 20 years old and travelled with a group of friends the same age. Even though we enjoyed the busy Kuta, we wanted to make sure we got an authentic experience during our time in Bali. The tour shows you Bali as most people have never seen it.

The breakfast by the volcano is beautiful, and prepares you for the next few hours of cycling. The cycling is amazing, and yes, mostly (but not all) down hill. Cycling through the villages small children run excitedly out of their houses to greet you. You will be tired of yelling 'hello' by the end. The lunch at the tour guides own house was the best food we ate on our trip.

All of this was around $40 Australian dollars. I would have paid $100 for such an experience.
5 of 5 stars

Personal attention, away from other cyclists and most vehicles, very pretty route, gentle attentive guide and best Indonsian food we had in our 2 weeks in Bali.

bella_adelaide   1 contribution
Adelaide, Sth Aust
Oct 5, 2010
Source :

A very friendly professional tour run by two brothers. Lots of commentary along the way. Riding through small vallages, stopping to view a typical Balinese family compound and walking through a rice field. Refreshment stops great. Iced water appeared just at the right time. We cycled for nearly 4 and a half hours-mostly all down hill with just a few small steep sections in the road that some of us walked our bikes up. At the very end more water and cold towels were a very welcome touch.

The tour finished with lunch at the brothers family compound cooked by their mother and one of the sisters in law(There are 7 boys in the family). The food was fantastic. Fresh and heaps of it! Our guides sat with us at lunch and we were able to ask many more questions about their family and life in Bali. Great tour run by two lovely men. Highly recommended.

Only bit I would question is the trip up to Kintimani (unless you are into volcanoes) The tour included the usual breakfast at Kintimani - a pretty ordinary tourist breakfast. However, I think most bike tours head up there to start. You might want to discuss an alternative start with them.

Website -

MargotCG   4 contributions
Perth, Australia
Sep 30, 2010
Source :

We have spent three weeks in Bali in July and the cycling tour absolutely was one of the highlights! It showed the pure Bali in the small villages around Ubud, far from all the tourists. We made rather last minute arrangements and enjoyed an excursion in the afternoon, which gave us the benefit of having a private guide and no other cycling groups around. Nyoman is an amazing guide, very caring, patient and so very friendly. The trip really made our stay in Ubud unforgettable! Thanks for that Nyoman!

We will pass on your contactdetails to our friends who will be visiting Bali within a few weeks, hopefully they'll have time to experience what we did with you!

Wishing you all the best and good luck in your business,
take care and lots of love from Roterdam, NL,
Jochem & Inge

5 of 5 stars
Inkiepinkie   2 contributions
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Sep 19, 2010
Source :

the cycling is most of the time downhill, and easy to do.
Nice views during the trip, of the landscape, the dessa' s and the rice fields.
Lots of photographs taken.
The guide spook the best English of the Balinese we have met in 2 weeks, happened te be a former English teacher. Lots of information about Bali, Hinduism and the rice production.
We started with breakfastbuffet with a view on a volcano lake, cold water during the trip and a meal on the end.

Joost and Gerrit Bosman

bossie23   1 contribution
Aug 25, 2010
Source :

Nyoman, our guide and owner of the company, is really great. I have read most of the reviews here since doing the tour and agree with almost all of them. The day cycling through the little villages saying hello to everyone and experience real Balinese life was a truly great experience.

The tour included:
* a breakfast at a restaurant overlooking a spectacular vista taking in a volcano and lake.
* a tour of a coffee and fruit/veg plantation (caution for Aussies here as you can't bring back the lawak coffee into Australia).
* visiting locals going about their daily duties (basket weaving and rice production).
* lunch

Nyoman is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the Balinese traditions and way of living. At the end of the tour his sister-in-law had prepared a spectacular local lunch for us in their family compound.

I would highly recommend that you support this local business.

5 of 5 stars
Bewhirly   6 contributions
Aug 24, 2010
Source :

after reading good review from tripadvisor, we decided to call them to arrange cycling tour for my husband, son and i and i must say how happy we were after the trip. we had checked around with 2 other tour operators but they were rude on the phone. however, this was not the case with jegeg, not only were they patient and friendly, we felt very much like old friends who made our day so meaningful . if you been to bali, it seems like most of them are ready to rip you off becoz u r tourists,,, but not so in this case. thumbs up to jegeg brothers !

goodtimetogether   1 contribution
Singapore, Singapore
Aug 11, 2010
Source :

Seriously, I think the Balineses just have this innate good customer service in them, so I doubt you will get really bad service anywhere else, but Mr Nyoman is truly exceptional. I am travelling with a group of 6 girl friends, some are scared of dogs, some are not entirely confident in their bikes. That plus a lot of chitter chatter (which equals delay) pretty much sums up to be quite a disastrous group.But Mr Nyoman and his brothers are really patient & take good care of us. Cold towels and water were provided & he even explains the irrigation system one-on –one to me when I reached later than the rest (as a result of stopping too often to take photos), something which I really really appreciate.

We cycle in Bang Li region, a slightly hilly area with cool weather (perfect for cycling!!!) & the welcoming villagers like to say “Hi” & “Hi five” with the cyclists. However, personally, I find it repetitious after seeing that many bali houses & rice terraces but that’s just me. I do think if you have a cycling route in mind, feel free to sound out to My Nyoman, just like what I did. I knew that I want to see the Kintamani mountain, the coffee plantation, the tegellag rice terrances & he made the arrangements for us, even though that’s not listed on his website. Check out the photos I have attached. I think the views overlooking Mt Batur at the restaurant is really breathtaking and a must see!

5 of 5 stars
menghui_oh   2 contributions
Singapore, Singapore
Aug 9, 2010
Source :

Good scenery, good lunch with knowledgeable and sincere, thoughtful cycle guides. what else to ask for more.

joanng55   1 contribution
Singapore, Singapore
Aug 6, 2010
Source :

My partner and I went to Bali on our honeymoon, July 2010. We planned our trip as we went and happened to stumble on this cycling tour! I'm so glad we did because it made our holiday! Our tour guide was Nyoman Sukayasa; the most knowledgable, kind and funny Balinese person we met! Nyoman took us to a plantation where we tried some awesome teas, coffees and hot chocolates that they make on site... then we had the tastiest breakfast at a restaurant that overlooks the volcano before beginning the cruisy cycle through villages and rice paddies, stopping at one village to weave a basket yourselft. Lastly Nyoman took us to his family's own home, which is absolutely beautiful, for a fresh lunch cooked by his sister (this was the best food we ate in Bali!). If you are heading to Bali for the first time, or if you've been there a thousand times we highly recommend this experience! Say 'hi' to Nyoman for us! Have fun!

Daniel and Jasmin

Jaz-and-Dan   1 contribution
Noosa, Australia
Aug 6, 2010
Source :

The monsoon in Bali was 5 months early and me and my husband was thinking of cancelling the cycling trip after noticing that the clouds were grey. However, when Nyoman's team came we are more than happy to try out with cycling in the rain. The reason was the team provided good support with two cars behind us and bottles of water, rain coat, bananas etc. When it rained and we thought it was too dangerous, Nyoman asked his brother to let us sit in the car till the rain subside while other cycling tours just braved the rain without raincoats.

At the end of the trip, he invited us for lunch in his place (included in the package). Lunch was sumptous and certainly made us feel at home in Bali. I would recommend this trip to honeymooners or a group of young people who love adventure and some exercise. It's time to move your butt out of the spa massage table, bed in your hotel room and the chair of your favourite restaurant and do some exercise.

MissMah   4 contributions
Singapore, Singapore
Aug 1, 2010
Source :

One of the key highlights of my time spent in Bali was the Jegeg Cycling Tour. Nyoman, our cycling tour leader, was not only a companionable and entertaining guide, he was also highly knowledgeable about the history, culture and geography of Bali.

While there are many cycling tours to choose from in Bali, what made this tour stand out was the fact that it offered a route that off-the-beaten track, a refreshing change from the same-old same-old offered by the other tour operators. On our tour, we wove through villages with friendly, waving kids, verdant padi fields and venerable temples. Finally, we wrapped up with a home visit at Nyoman's sister in law's house, which boasted traditional Balinese architecture. We also enjoyed a meal cooked by the sister in law, which ate sitting by the porch, just like how members of the household would.

And the cycling route was downhill all the way, so even those with less than stellar fitness can enjoy it too. Highly recommended.

5 of 5 stars
iamcow   1 contribution
Jul 4, 2010
Source :

I really enjoyed this tour. Being my second visit to Bali, I was determined to try a cycle tour as I ran out of time last visit. i chose Jegeg because of the tripadvisor reviews. The tour was great fun and very interesting. The good - personalised small group tour (just our group), excellent guide (thanks Nyoman) and the best food I have tasted in Bali cooked by Nyoman's sister-in-law. The cycling was very easy and mostly down gentle slopes. My 7 year old daughter thoroughly enjoyed herself and was able to rest in the van following us. The only change I would suggest is the choice of breakfast venue - the view was great but the food was very poor. I would have preferred to skip this and spend more time on the bikes. We stayed in Tuban and this ended up being quite a long day but great fun with good photo opportunities. Wayan (Nyoman's older brother) was happy to take us to shops etc. on our way back which I thought was a great added touch.

5 of 5 stars
JasperAubrey   14 contributions
Perth, Western Australia
Jun 28, 2010
Source :
We were lucky in choosing Jegeg, its a little cheaper than the others and I would say its the best. Some of the tours you go on incorporate a number of side visits which dont seem to gel with each other. We loved all facets of the Jegeg tour. The Volcano viewing was stunning, the coffee plantation was excellent (Australians be careful of buying Lewak coffee though, as we found out the customs will take it off you) . We loved the riding part, but the best part was the food it was awesome. One of the best features of Jegeg was the intimacy, we were in a group of 4 and this was realy nice and cosy. Some of the other groups have 10-12 people and you 'd miss out..

We would definately recommend Jegeg.

5 of 5 stars
BromleyJules   4 contributions
Jun 18, 2010
Source :

After our paddy trekking tour from last year with Nyoman, our guide, we were determined to take the cycling tour on the next holiday to Bali... and we did last week! It was a delight to cycle downhill through the rice paddies and receive a smile and a 'high five' from every child we encountered on our route. We stopped at several sights and Nyoman took the time to explain the Balinese traditions and way of living. After 2,5 hours of cycling his sister-in-law had prepared a wonderfull lunch for us in their family compound.
For our next stay in Bali this September, Nyoman promised us to look for another trekking route trough the paddies. I can't wait....:-)))

5 of 5 stars
Wieneke   2 contributions
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
May 14, 2010
Source :

Our family enjoyed a wonderful day with Nyoman and Wayan cycling through the paddies and villages in May 2010.

As others have noted the trip includes a visit to the coffee plantation, views of Mt Batur, a 2 hour+ cycle ride which is mostly downhill. We also visited a village and made a basket with the girls, who were very patient. The bikes are followed by Wayan in an air conditioned van, which is available to sit in if the biking gets too hot/hard.

Nyoman is such a great guide - knowledgeable and kind - and the lunch at his beautiful family compound was one of the highlights of our trip.

5 of 5 stars
Lizzy101   90 contributions
Adelaide, Australia
May 13, 2010
Source :
My wife and I signed up for a trip with Jegeg Bali Cycling through our Villa with 4 other guests in the same complex. So 6 people in total for the trip.

We were picked up from our villa in Ubud by our tour operator Nyoman, and driven to our starting destination. On the way we stopped at a coffee plantation to taste the various coffees, hot chocolates and teas. This and all activities were all included in the cost of the tour. We then went to a restaurant for breakfast overlooking Mt Batur, a I doubt you would find a restaurant in the world with a better view. Our guide Nyoman gave us insite into the area and some of the surrounding villages. We then proceeded to our starting point where we started the cycle leg of the tour.

The cycling comprised 95% gentle downhill, 4% flat and about 1% uphill. The uphills were probably 20-30m hills covered in about 30-40 seconds if you wanted to get off your bike and push. Failing that if at any time you got a bit hot or tired the following support vehicle following a few hundred metres behind could pick you up if you needed a rest.

Our first stop was at a typical Balinese family compound where we were warmly greeted by the family with all the kids running around having fun. They showed us how they weave bamboo baskets and all the kids were adorable.

Our next stop was for a short walk into a rice paddy where our guide Nyoman told us about how the rice was cultivated and how the irrigation worked.

We stopped at numerous places and if anything caught our eye we could stop for photos at anytime. We also had plenty of ice cold water and bananas whenever we need some.

We finished with an ice cold wet towel to cool off then went to Nyomans family compound for lunch. The food was fantastic, better than what you would get in a restaurant.

Our guide Nyoman was superb, the nicest person you will meet on your trip to Bali. So informative and a generally lovely person.

I would HIGHLY recommend this trip to anyone who comes to Bali and definitely anyone who comes to Ubud.

5 of 5 stars
ajdominator   8 contributions
May 5, 2010
Source :

During our stay in Bali we directly booked the bicyde trip with Jegeg cycling. We just called the owner Nyoman and the next morning his brother picked us up at the hotel right on time. Already on the way to Mount Batur and the coffee plantation we learned from him about the Bali way of traditional village life and the role of religion in the day tot day life and work.Starting with a beautiful lakeview we then got on our bikes for a bit of great countryside cylcing mostly downhill with an occasional small valley crossing. On the way we got a very good picture from Nyoman about the intricate relation between family life, village cooperative worrking, religion and subsistence rice growing on the terraces. We got to enter a private home where the women showed us basket making from bamboo. When we passed a village temple where a ceremony was going on, my whife got a scarf tied around so she could enter and get the complete story and details about the preparations and offerinfgs from the whorshippers. During the whole trip we could make as much foto's as we wanted, no problem for our modest but very competent tour guide. At the end of the tour Nyoman invited us to his family home where his relatives had prepared a lovely traditional lunch for us. All in all we had a perfect day at the Bali countryside and we wish Nyoman lots of success with his Jegeg cylcing,

January 27th 2010
Jan & Monique, the Netherlands

5 of 5 stars
Jan 27, 2010
Source :
Nyoman and gang were very organised. Safety was never compromised. They ensured we took bikes there were well suited to our cycling capabilities and physique. There was also a safety rover behind at all times. Was attentive to weaker cyclist in the group as well. On top of that, he peppered the trip with little nuggets of info on the Balinese history, culture and the day to day life. Don't miss breakfast at the volcanoes!

Chris, Ian and Foong

5 of 5 stars
Jan 3, 2010
Source :
A group of 6 of us booked on this trip which was turned out to be a highlight of our trip to Bali. We hadn't been in Bali for 25 years and were keen to see if the "Bali of old" that we remembered so fondly, still existed. We were so pleased to see that it was and we highly recommend you do a trip with Jegeg Bali Cycling. The trip included pick up from the hotel, travel up through the many villages and towns, stopping firstly at the spice gardens which were really interesting where we had freshly made coffee from the home-grown coffee beans, then we stopped off at scenic views overlooking the tiered paddy fields and then onto Kintamani for breakfast. The restaurant overlooked the active volcano Mt Batur and also overlooked beautiful Lake Batur. Next came the Cycling Tour mostly downhill through the small villages and rice paddy fields. Over 3 hours we hardly saw a car and the children called out a welcoming "hello" whenever we passed through the villages. Nyoman was an excellent guide, always looking after the group and pointing out places of interest, temples as well as explaining interesting cultural aspects. We could stop whenever we wanted for photographs. The van followed or met up with us ahead with chilled bottled water. At the end of the Cycling Tour we were welcomed into Nyoman's family home for a traditional Balinese lunch which was delicious! This was a very memorable trip we thoroughly enjoyed and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in seeing the real Bali!!
Ave50   4 contributions
Oct 29, 2009
Source :
We took this tour when we were visiting Bali in July 2009. It was one of the best days we had in Bali! The tour was amazing. They took us on a breathtaking bicycle tour through the rice patties. We stopped at a local village and was shown how to weave bamboo baskets. It was so cute as the local kids would run out of their house to 'high five' us as we road down the road.

I am not an avid bicyclist, but this tour was mainly downhill and a very nice relaxing ride. They provided water for us thoughout the tour and a snack. The lunch at the end of the tour was AMAZING! I believe they said their sister-in-law prepared the meal. It was so good. So much better than all the resturants we had visited!!

The tour company is a family run business. They really put nice touchs on everything to make your tour extra special.

5 of 5 stars
Ayase, Japan
Sep 28, 2009
Source :

Le Jeged Bali cycling tour est une excursion géniale, à faire à tout prix... Découvrez la beauté de Bali en faisant cette excursion à vélo. Une journée à découvrir les superbes paysages des rizières de Bali à couper le souffle. Certainement l'excursion la plus appréciable de Bali. Nos guides, les deux frères propriétaires de Jeged Bali cycling tour sont attentionnés - on nous suit en VUS et les bouteilles d'eau sont fournies - on vous fait découvrir les environs de Bali tout au long de la journée. Quelques montées à faire, mais davantage de descente. En après-midi, un festin délicieux, préparé par la mère et la belle-soeur des propriétaires, pris autour de la tablée familiale. Sans aucun doute, le meilleur repas pris en Indosésie. Allez, vous adorerez!

Marie et Robert

Montréal, Québec
Nov 19, 2009
Source :


C'etait une balade a' velo imoubliable !! Paysages magnifiquer, et uncontres avec les habitants de Bali interessanter . Super Service. Merci. Now recommanderans votre compagnie a' tour le mande.

A bientot. Sabren'a er Stephan ( France PARIS )

I have had on fantastic biking experience! Amazing views, cycling through in Bali where they were still amazed of seeing a tourist! You can see how the local inhabitants of Bali life. Working in the rice field, maintaining the canals etc.

And the luch... that was really fantastic. Thrully indonesian food at the home of Nyoman. Beautiful people and a beautiful country and place to live. If you are really want to see the real Balinese way of living, this is the tour you have todo.

Erwin de Jonge ( Katvijk NewZealand )

What a fantastic tour! Amazing views and local insight. Our guide were extremely friendly and helpful. What a perfect cycling route slightly downhill all the way and no traffic. If you want to get off the better track and see the real Bali, this is definitely for you.

Zoe and Luke ( London UK )

Totally awesome Bike experience! We were pampered the whole time. The scenery was spectacular - see beautiful I was distracted and crashed! Nyoman and Wayan were right there instantly taking good care of my injury! We got great service - Plenty of cold water and snacks and the food was great. I'd definitely recommend this company to my friends - or anyone who wants to see the true Bali countryside.

Howard and Alicia Renner ( Indianapolis, Indiana, USA )

Bike riding was never much fun, great guides, best day in Bali so far.

John ( Australia )

The tour is very well organized. The staff friendly and we learned so much because our guide answered all our questions! Going through the villages was fun, we could stop whenever we liked! The food was a feast. We all wait to go again!!

Noella ( Australia )

The best thing was to go through water ! It was fantastic.

Noah ( 12 - Australia )

"It was really fun, lot's of people should try it !"

Jaihya ( Australia )

We saw a lot of during the trip. It was fantastic experience.

Monika ( Poland )
& Rob ( Holland )

I really enjoy the cycling tour with this small group and friendly guy

Juga ( Germany )

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